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Chesapeake Scholarships for Rural Oklahomans

OSU Chesapeake scholarship students attend a legislative dinner. (L-R) - Kristy Rutz of Seiling, Cody Key of McAlester, Sarah Haynes of McLoud, Ashlei Ebert of Haworth, Taner Tebow of Lamont and Sara Smallwood of Clayton.

Scholarships provide a way to recognize those students with a record of outstanding academic and leadership achievement, as well as to provide assistance to those promising students who might not otherwise be able to receive an OSU education. With the help from our generous donors, we are able to provide scholarship funds for deserving students.

Sons Pay Tribute to Father Through Gift

Chandler Family Establishes Scholarship

El Reno Couple Gifts $750K

Rotarians Bequest $500K for Business Scholars

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