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Foundation Building


Unite donor and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence.


Provide at least 50% of the University system’s educational and general budget.

Core Values

· Integrity – We maintain the highest ethical standards demonstrating our dedication to the principles of truth and honesty.

· Dignity and respect for all people – We value diversity and treat all individuals with respect and professionalism.

· Stewardship of Resources – We commit to the efficient and effective use of resources and accept the responsibility of being accountable and transparent to our constituencies.

· Excellence – We pursue excellence in all our endeavors, and are committed to continuous improvement, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service.

· Donor-centered development – We embrace development strategies that foster relationships and respect the donor’s interests.

· Service to OSU – We recognize that serving OSU is our primary focus.

OSU Alumnus Presents Unprecedented Gift to the College of Business Administration

     Address: PO Box 1749, Stillwater, OK 74076-1749 | Phone: (405) 385-5100, (800) 622-4678 | Fax: (405) 385-5103 | info@osuf.org