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In order to enable the University to continue providing its students with exceptional academic experiences, conducting scholarly research and other creative activities that advance fundamental knowledge, and disseminating knowledge to the people of Oklahoma and throughout the world, your gifts are needed. That's why the Foundation actively solicits gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations for purposes, positions and programs that have the appropriate academic or administrative approval from the University.

Gift Acceptance Policy

The Foundation can accept gifts on behalf of the University for unrestricted use or for any one of the many established special funds and programs. The Foundation can also accept a gift designated for a specific purpose for which no special fund has been established, as long as that purpose is within the scope of the University's mission.

Gifts the Foundation receives on behalf of the University must not inhibit the Foundation or University from seeking gifts from other donors, be they similar or different, foreign or domestic. Further, no gift can be received that limits, beyond a general definition of subject area, the research that a faculty member or student can perform.

The Foundation and University value, and will protect, the integrity and independence of both organizations as well as the academic freedom of the University community. Gifts that may expose the Foundation or University to adverse publicity, require expenditures beyond their resources, or involve them in unexpected responsibilities because of their source, conditions, or purposes will be referred to the President and CEO of the OSU Foundation. This individual may withhold approval of acceptance, pending a review.

The Foundation cannot accept gifts for the University that involve unlawful discrimination based upon race, religion, sex, age, national origin, color, handicap or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Nor can the Foundation accept gifts that obligate it or the University to violate any other applicable law or regulation, or that violate the Foundation's certificate of incorporation or bylaws.

This policy is designed to provide guidance to the Foundation and University communities and the general public so as to facilitate the gift-giving process. It is not intended to stifle philanthropic creativity. Therefore, this policy is to be interpreted liberally so that prospective donors may enjoy the greatest freedom possible in formulating their gifts.

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