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WHAT IS THE OSU President's Club?

The President's Club represents the highest level of recognition for annual giving an individual donor to Oklahoma State University can achieve. President's Club members contribute at least $1000 each fiscal year toward support for the various academic programs at OSU. The financial impact of the President's Club spreads across the University like a wave, providing the “excellence funds” that find their way into virtually every activity on campus.


Membership in the OSU President's Club is one way you can send a clear statement about the strength of your support for Oklahoma State University and your willingness to back up that support with your financial resources and leadership abilities. The traditions of leadership within the President's Club are evident at every level of governance at OSU, with members currently serving on The OSU Foundation Board of Governors, The Board of Regents for Oklahoma A&M Colleges, The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, The OSU Foundation Board of Trustees, The OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, The OSU Development Council, and most other leadership bodies with the university. Current membership total is 1850.

The President's Club stands squarely in support of the students, faculty and administrators who make Oklahoma State University the great place that it is. Your association with the President's Club places you in the forefront of efforts to maintain educational excellence as the standard at OSU.

If you desire to make a positive difference in the future of Oklahoma State University, there is no better place to begin than in the OSU President's Club.

Giving Levels Prism
Members receive the President's Club Prism.
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