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Fraternity Raises $10K for Stadium Project

Touting the largest Homecoming celebration in the country has always been a major source of pride for Oklahoma State University (OSU) alumni around the nation. But what really makes OSU’s homecoming so special?

Take the traditional ingredients of returning alumni and a football game, then combine it with a chili cook-off, thousands of yards of chicken wire, a sea of orange parade, swelling university pride and roughly two million pomps to create what has affectionately been coined as “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration.”

At a University whose homecoming is rooted in tradition, whose student participation is off the charts and sees preparation work that begins the spring before, it’s hard for any student organization to outshine another during homecoming festivities. That is, until this year. One student group decided to make a more lasting impact that would resonate with current and future alumni for years to come by raising their own funds to donate back to a university cause.

The OSU Sigma Chi fraternity raised $10,000 during this year’s homecoming festivities and presented their check to university officials earlier this month to go toward the football stadium fund-raising campaign. The gift is the single largest contribution made by any student group to-date for the campaign.

“The Sigma Chi’s will be honored by virtue of a naming opportunity associated with this gift,” stated Craig Clemons, Sr. Director of Development of Athletics. “We are grateful for their tremendous generosity.”

Funding Phase II of stadium renovations, this gift will be used to help re-invent the north side including a new mezzanine level, build new and additional restroom facilities, build new and improved concessions and other important amenities.

A house of nearly 125 brothers banded together for a two and a half month fundraiser to initially raise $7500 for the football stadium fund by hosting a silent auction, soliciting donations from parents, alumni & active members and hosting a dunk tank & donation buckets at homecoming’s annual Walk-around event at the end of October. After exceeding their original goal by $2500, it was evident to fraternity members that students can provide a lasting impact in creating a legacy.

“We really wanted to capitalize on the theme of this year’s Homecoming ‘Building a Legacy’ by leaving our own mark on the university by supporting the capital campaign to raise funds for the stadium,” said Matt Butts, campaign chairman and Tulsa International Business major.

The overall effect was donating to a cause that members felt they could look back upon and see the impact for years to come.

“I know I’ll feel a little sense of pride every time I walk past the stadium when I come back because of what we’ve achieved,” said fraternity president and biochemistry major Ryan Sears.

Cowboy Faithful, including students, fans, faculty, corporations and supporters of the university have given more than $76M of the more than $100M to the Next Level Campaign measured by a five-year snapshot of gifts, pledges and new donor seating.

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