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Charitable Legacy Fund

The OSU Foundation’s Charitable Legacy Fund is a donor advised fund designed to offer friends and alumni greater options and convenience in meeting their charitable goals. Individuals can make gifts to the Fund to realize immediate tax benefits while the assets grow tax-free. At the same time, once approved by the Trustees the donor is able to channel these gifts to various charitable beneficiaries at a future time.

A Philanthropic Legacy To Your Family

Upon your death (or surviving spouse, if applicable) your account may be directed to qualified charities named in your will or other legal instrument such as a revocable living trust. Or, if you wish, you may designate a surviving family member(s) or trusted advisor to recommend distributions from the Fund following your death. This latter feature provides the opportunity to convey a philanthropic spirit and legacy to the next generation.

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For specific details about the operation and management of the Charitable Legacy Fund, please click here for a Fund Declaration. A copy may also be obtained by calling 405.385.5144 or email plannedgiving@osuf.org. All gifts to the Fund must be accompanied by a completed Contribution Agreement, a copy of which is also available upon request.

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