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OSU Artist and Professor Exhibits Artwork at the OSU Foundation Building

The OSU Foundation is proud to announce an exhibit of the abstract art work of Dr. John Mowen in the multipurpose room (to the left of the front lobby). Dr. Mowen is a Regent's Professor in the College of Business at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Mowen has generously offered to gift 40 percent of the purchase price of any work from the exhibit at the OSU Foundation to a College of the purchaser's choice at Oklahoma State University.

John Mowen:

"I have trademarked the label, symphonic expressionism, to describe my digitally created works of abstract art. Through the use of songs, color, form, and title, the works are linked to music. My art is most heavily influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe, Leonardo Nierman and Victor Vasarely.

"My portfolio consists of three series of images. The florascape series is composed of landscapes that begin as high-resolution digital photographs of organic objects. Pixels are then blended, manipulated, and painted on a computer. The lightscape series also begins with digital photographs that are deconstructed and overlayed to create the sense of intersecting streams of light. I also print the lightscape and florascape images on archival translucent material. They are then either backlit or framed and hung like stained glass. The third series consists of optical art images. These begin with a blank computer screen as the canvas. Forty of these images are on exhibit at the Omniplex Science Museum (April-May, 2004).

"All of my images are placed on archival materials via an Epson 9600, 44-inch, archival sprayed ink printer. The images range in size from 12" x 18" to "40" x "80." As of January 1, 2004, my images are produced in very limited editions ranging from Ito 5 prints."

After graduating from The College of William and Mary, John served in the U.S. Army as a decorated, Ranger-qualified officer. He received his PhD in social psychology in 1977 from Arizona State University. He joined the College of Business Administration at Oklahoma State University in 1978. John is a Regents Professor and holds the Marketing Strategy Chair. He has published 9 books and 80+ research articles in the fields of consumer behavior and decision-making.

For thirty years, John was an amateur painter, photographer, and art collector. In 2001, he discovered digital art. He has had solo exhibitions at Sadie Bryner's (Stillwater), the offices of Dr. Randy Atkinson (Oklahoma City), The Wild Fork Restaurant (Tulsa), and the Omniplex Science Museum (Oklahoma City). He is represented by the Pickard Gallery in Oklahoma City.

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