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Oklahoma State University Receives $30,000 Grant Through ExxonMobil’s Departmental Grants Program

ExxonMobil announced today the donation of more than $1.6 million in departmental grants to 86 colleges and universities for assistance with various academic programs. Oklahoma State University will receive $30,000 from ExxonMobil as part of this program.

Fund allocations were broken down into the following fields of study: $6,000 - Chemical Engineering, $3,500 - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, $1,000 - Electrical & Computer Engineering, $1,000 - Civil Engineering, $5,000 - Multicultural Engineering Program, $3,000 - Geology/Geophysics, $2,500 – Accounting, $5,000 -Business Administration and $3,000 - Computer Science.

Selected academic departments specifically allocate grants for educational purposes such as scholarships, field trips, visiting speakers, equipment purchases, student and faculty travel to professional meetings and other academic projects. ExxonMobil awards departmental grants to educational institutions offering degrees in disciplines from which the company recruits employees.

“ExxonMobil remains a strong proponent of higher education and continues to uphold its commitment to support academic initiatives that increase the skill level and number of qualified graduates entering tomorrow’s workforce,” said Ed Price, United States Recruiting Manager for ExxonMobil. “This program enables university department chairs the flexibility to earmark funds for their greatest needs.”

Grant allocations are based on various factors, including ExxonMobil’s recruiting success and number of employees from a particular university.

For more information on the OSU Foundation, call 405.385.5100.

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