Shara Merrill

Master of Digital Media
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Motion Graphics

I can make films!

Demo Reels

Expo Films

Project Films

3D Films

I can make apps, games, web sites & interactive content.

MSU Denver Debate

As a founding member of this campus team I created a variety of branded materials to promote our events, helping to net a $30,000 startup grant.
British Parliamentary Debate Timer
Team and Event Animated Ads
Orientation Video
Brochures and Fliers

Canadian Teen
Worked with a team to create an interactive multimedia magazine for the Canadian Red Cross.
Original Concept
Videos and Music
Interactive Journalling
3d Features
Interactive features viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Full Featured Multimedia Fan Site

Word Press

Progress blogs show graphic themes, regular project updates

Genie Jam
Rapid prototype for fortune-telling genie game.

Game of "Life" Social Class Edition

This game was created for a classroom demonstration. Students spin the wheel and move pieces along a track, eventually noticing that the results are largely pre-determined by what social class one is born into.

Liftium - The Mood Lifter

A recent study showed that people could improve their mood by changing negative symbols to positive ones. This easy app lets players make their environment brighter and more positive, improving mood along with it.

Digital Documents

My School Magazines

I created these digital magazines for my classes to illustrate my essays and showcase all I learned.


The complete magazine for my Centre for Digital Media application, including interactive buttons and rollovers
Interactive features viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader

And the Award Winning

This multimedia annual report for the OSU Foundation won the Gold at CASE IV in 2004.

Shara Merrill does it all
All business graphics:
Logo Design
Brochures, Fliers, Print Ads
Books, Magazines, Manuals
Signs, Forms, Flags

All Things Interactive:
Digital Documents
Education & Training
Animation & Editing
After Effects:
Broadcast Graphics
Lower Thirds

Web Design
Early Adopter:
Webmaster since 1996
HTML 1-5, CSS, Javascript
Responsive Design
Web Design Makeovers

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